Franck M

LUX04- Luxury 5 Star - Mekong Delta Floating Market 2 Days 1 Night

The itinerary is great to make a good discovery of the Mekong delta in 2 days. It may feels a bit speedy, but well, you have a lot to see! The river market in Can Tho is really a must see, and make sure with your guide to wake up early (5am is good enough) to not miss anything!
Our guide Ben was fantastic and helpful. He’s passionate about the region and helped us to taste a lot of different food! We had the best time with him.

Aditya Kalra

LUX01- Luxury Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day (Ben Duoc) (Max 12 Pax)

My tour of the Chu Chi tunnels was fantastic. Climbing in the tunnels and shooting guns was a great experience. The best part of the tour was our tour guide Tuan. He fought in the Vietnam war and shared a lot of really great stories and insight. Great experience!

Lisette Bakker

LUX03- Luxury Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta Full Day

Our tour to both Cu Chi tunnels and Mekong Delta was really interesting! Although I have had more tours through Asia, tour guide Ben is definitely one to remember! In a very lively way, he told us about the history of the Vietnam war and its remaining impact while visiting different sites. Lunch was delicious, also vegetarian! The tour through Mekong included many taste samples of fruits and coconut candies. For us it was already one of the highlights of our trip through Vietnam. Oh and even though traffic is a mess here, we felt very safe with the driver!

David Clark

LUX04- Luxury 5 Star - Mekong Delta Floating Market 2 Days 1 Night

Really enjoyed our trip to the Mekong Delta. The two day trip was perfect and our guide Hai (Brian) was great. He showed us tremendous sites and exposed us to local cuisine and markets. Well worth the time. Overnight accommodations in Can Tho were top notch.


VIP03- VIP Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta Full Day

A well planned day with great attention to detail. The limousine was comfortable, the driver safe and prompt. Kang was an excellent tour guide. He was informative with good English, very kind, enthusiastic and humorous. A good amount of time was spent at both the Cu Chi tunnels and the Mekong Delta. Would definitely recommend!

Nia & Sheena

LUX01- Luxury Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day (Ben Duoc) (Max 12 Pax)

Thank you to our guide Tuan, it was great to hear his experiences of the war and he was very accommodating to our groups needs.
Definitely a trip to do whilst in Ho Chi Minh!


SG01- Cu Chi Tunnels - Morning or Afternoon Guided Small Group Tour

Our guide Tuan did the best to explain the history of the Cu Chin tunnels, with enthusiasm and insight, as he took part in the war himself. Very interesting day, including climbing in parts of the tunnels. Water and light snack was delivered. This half day tour is highly recommended!


LUX03- Luxury Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta Full Day

My partner and I were expertly guided by Brian on the Luxury Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta full day tour. We were both very pleased by his local knowledge, humour and warmth. We got to experience the local way of life which was unique to this small group tour. An amazing experience, we highly recommend it!

LUX01- Luxury Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day (Ben Duoc) (Max 12 Pax)

We had a great time with Kai at the cu chi tunnel tour. Easy pick up and good explanation of the whole tour. He was friendly, funny, and very patient with the customers. Highly recommend this tour guides


VIP01- VIP Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day

Very well organised tour with different activities. We were very pleased to have Eddy as our tour guide for a second time. Eddy gives a lot of extra information and answers clearly any questions we had in English.


VIP01- VIP Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day

The tour was very good. We had a nice and clear English speaking guide named Eddy. He took his time to explain everything clearly. Eddy gave a lot of extra information on our way to the tunnels about the history. Me and my family really enjoyed and thought it was very interesting.

Choo M

SG01- Cu Chi Tunnels - Morning or Afternoon Guided Small Group Tour

Lucky day tour Family Andy is good guide to tunnels tour with more information about Vietnam war, we crawl into 60m long inside with some friends . Thanks for all you bring up us guide .


PRI01- Private Cu Chi Tunnels Tour Half Day

Our guide Van gave us such an interesting tour with her fluent English. Not only could we know the history, but also we could experience the atmosphere of the past. I’m gonna do this again in the future with my kids!

Ishwar Ahuja

LUX03- Luxury Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta Full Day

We took this tour yesterday with our Guide Kang and it was worth it! Keep it up..Thank you for the lovely experience..and showing us Happy House!

Sam​ Heesakkers

LUX01- Luxury Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day (Ben Duoc) (Max 12 Pax)

Highly recommend this tour of the Cu Chi tunnels. Mr Tuan was a fantastic tour guide. He is a Vietnam war veteran and Cu Chi tunnels survivor with a wealth of knowledge to share. He explains in detail
how the Vietnamese people survived in the tunnels and fought while outgunned and outnumbered. He shares his own personal story of survival and stories of his time in the Vietnamese armed forces. A must do for anyone visiting Vietnam.

Fernando del Castillo

VAT.VC04- 14 Day Hanoi – Halong – Hoian – Saigon – Cambodia

I booked the trip directly from Spain. We stayed 2 weeks im Vietman and Camboia with my son and daughter in 4 star hotels. Everything was great, Ms Trang was on top and everything, very supportive and proactive. All the guides and excursions were very nice and interesting. i really recomend this agency!

Laureline Van Damme

LUX01- Luxury Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day (Ben Duoc) (Max 12 Pax)

Tuan was a very kind and experienced guide on our trip to the tunnels.
Drawing from his own time during the war, he offered some insights that we could not have gotten by just visiting. He also was very honest about some elements, told us when truths were a bit embellished but also made sure we understood the severity of the situation. Explaining far more than could be registered by looking.
Sure, his English is not the best ever, but it’s a lot better than most English I’ve heard on my stay.

Quoc Phu tran

SG01- Cu Chi Tunnels - Morning or Afternoon Guided Small Group Tour

Mr Tran is a great Tour guide as he was part of the war in this area. Taught us alot about the tunnels. Highly recommended


PRI01- Private Cu Chi Tunnels Tour Half Day

Our guide Tuan was the best! He kept us informed and entertained the whole time. He did great!

Deborah Yapp

VATHCM07 (TRD)- 10-Day Colorful Vietnam From Hochiminh – Hoian – Hanoi – Halong

I started my tour in Ho Chi Minh City then going on to Hoi Ann and ending in Hanoi. I advise this order for your tour. Ho Chi Minh is quite overwhelming so it’s good to start with this and adjust, as the tour progressed from Hoi An to Hanoi, things get easier, but you are also getting more tired ( lots of early starts and long days). It would be much harder the other way around.

Ho Chi Minh City:. I arrived in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, where the simple act of crossing the road is an Olympic sport! The trick is keep your eyes fixed on the opposite side and cross the street with complete confidence, and whatever you do, don’t go backwards. Things to see: The Independence Palace, tip: the ticket office closes at 15.30. The gardens, the indor market.
Tour to the Mekong delta. The Vinh Trang pagoda was magnificent, and the many boat trips taken to discover the region were very enjoyable. The traditional music performed by artists was entrancing and there were enchanting arias and duets.
The tour to Cho Chi Tunnels brought home the stark reality of the fierce conflict between the Viet Com and the southern army. The grim evidence of the conflict can be seen in the bomb shells, craters, and bullet-hole riddled tanks. The tunnels contained many ingenious devices to trap, maim and kill the enemy.
In the evening I caught the night train to Hoi An. A distance of 1000lkms which takes about 17 hours. Solo travellers must be willing to share sleeping quarters with strangers.

Hoi An, this delightful medieval town is wonderful to explore; many temples and leafy gardens. Shops selling crafts and quality goods can all be found here.
Trip to My Son temples. These imposing 4th century temples are truly magnificent. No morter was used to fix the bricks and a small hole was deliberately left in each wall, to signify imperfection as only the divine was perfect.

Fly to Hanoi. Much to enjoy in this capital city. For example; Ho Chi Minh’s tomb, within the complex, which contains a mausoleum and his house.
The Halong Bay cruise. This was absolutely wonderful. The crew welcomed us by waving to us from across the bay. We had a magnificent lunch, dinner and breakfast with seven courses. We swam, and took kayaks out across the water. The bay was tranquil and stunning. One night was too short, I had a wonderful time.
The tour to the Dihn King temple and caves was interesting and fun. The temple was impressive and beautiful. The lake was tranquil and relaxing. The hike up the Ngoa Long mountain was adventurous but ultimately worth it. The view across the valley was truly spectacular.

My contact person Trang Vu was nothing short of amazing. She went above and beyond to answer all my questions, even the ‘ over needy” ones. She was patient, kind, and I felt she really cared whether I was managing OK with everything. It made so much difference to me as a solo traveller to have her generousc support. When Trang is in charge of your travel plans you are in good hands.

Dr. Deborah Yapp.