Isn’t it delightful to conclude a meal with something sweet and great? We all think so! So here are 10 mouth-watering famous Vietnamese desserts from Vietnam  Adventure that will captivate your heart and soul.

Most tourists know Vietnamese cuisine through its iconic savory dishes, but the desserts here are equally impressive. Much like the savory dishes, Vietnamese desserts offer a diverse array of flavors, textures, and ingredients, perfectly catering to your sweet cravings while still being health-conscious. 

Yogurt With Fermented Sticky Rice

Known in Vietnamese as Sua Chua Nep Cam, this classic dessert is a simple yet delightful combination of yogurt and fermented sticky rice. The blend of sourness and sweetness creates a creamy and slightly tangy taste that is truly yummy.

Yogurt with fermented sticky rice
Yogurt with fermented sticky rice

Fermented sticky rice, or Xôi lên men, is made by soaking glutinous rice overnight and then mixing it with a special yeast, by the way. This process gives the rice a mildly sour, wine-like flavor and a sticky texture.

This dessert is popular among locals and tourists alike. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also healthy and provides invaluable refreshment on hot days. 

Vietnamese Sweet Soup

If you have a sweet tooth, this traditional dessert will delight you immensely. Vietnamese sweet soup, known as “Che,” is made from a variety of ingredients including beans, fruits, nuts, and glutinous rice. 

This sweet and refreshing treat is perfect for quenching your sugar cravings, and you should serve it with crushed ice for something perfect on a hot day. You can find Che anywhere in Vietnam, from street vendors and local markets to upscale international restaurants.

Honeycomb Cake – The Famous Vietnamese desserts

Honeycomb cake, known as Bánh Bò in Vietnamese, is also a beloved traditional dessert that has been enjoyed for generations. 

The name “honeycomb” is derived from the cake’s interior, which resembles the patterns of a honeycomb. Its unique texture and delightful sweetness make it a favorite among many. 

Honeycomb Cake
Honeycomb Cake

This delightful treat is commonly found in the Mekong Delta region and is enjoyed as a sweet snack or dessert. The cake is also a popular choice during festivals and celebrations in the area.

Banh Pia

Bánh Pia, also known as “pia cake” or “bánh lột da,” is a traditional Vietnamese pastry originating from Southern Vietnam. This delicacy features multiple thin, flaky layers made from a mixture of wheat flour, lard or shortening, and water. The filling can vary, but it commonly includes a combination of mung bean paste, durian, salted egg yolk, and occasionally taro or lotus seed paste.

Banh Pia is typically enjoyed as a snack or dessert. It is best served at room temperature and can be paired with tea or coffee to complement its rich flavors. It is also a popular gift choice, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Tofu Pudding 

Tofu Pudding, aka Tào Phớ in Vietnamese, made from very soft, silky tofu and typically served with jasmine sugar syrup, soybeans, and ice. Some variations include toppings like tapioca pearls, jelly, or even coconut milk.

Tofu Pudding
Tofu Pudding

The unique flavor of soybean, the sweetness of sugar syrup, the delicate aroma of jasmine, and the refreshing chill of ice – All come together to end up with a delightful treat, perfect for the warmer months. If you visit Vietnam during the winter, you can still enjoy this dish, but you should substitute fresh ginger for ice for a comforting warmth.

Mixed Fruits

This healthy snack features a mix of fresh fruits, coconut cream, and shaved ice. A variety of fresh ingredients are welcome, including jackfruit, kiwi,  apples, watermelon, and even avocado. For added texture, you can enhance this delightful treat with pandan jellies or tapioca balls.

Pandan Rice Cake 

Pandan Rice Cake, known as “Bánh Bò Lá Dứa” in Vietnamese, is loved for its vibrant green color, which comes from pandan leaves, and its unique chewy texture. Its vibrant green color and honeycomb-like interior make it a visually appealing and tasty treat. 

Bánh Bò Lá Dứa is typically enjoyed as a snack or dessert. It is also a nostalgic treat often made for special occasions, family gatherings, and festivals.

Mung Bean Cake

As its name suggests, Mung Bean Cake is crafted from mung beans and is particularly famous in Hai Duong, Vietnam. Made with simple ingredients like mung beans, sugar, and lard, this cake offers a subtle sweetness, a distinct aroma, and a smooth, soft texture.

Mung Bean Cake
Mung Bean Cake

Despite being ranked at the top of Taste Atlas’ list of 45 “worst” Vietnamese dishes, many with a sweet tooth would passionately disagree. Just pair it with a cup of green tea or lotus tea, and you’ll experience a truly exquisite treat.

 Sticky Rice With Ice Cream

Sticky Rice With Ice Cream, or Kem Xôi, is a beloved Vietnamese dessert that beautifully marries the cool creaminess of ice cream with the sweet, sticky goodness of glutinous rice. 

Typically, the ice cream is vanilla or coconut, but you can indulge in other flavors according to your preference. Meanwhile, the sticky rice, usually plain white, is often enriched with coconut milk to enhance its richness and fragrance.

This unique combination of cold, creamy ice cream and tender, sweet sticky rice creates a delightful and captivating culinary experience, making it a must-try treat for anyone exploring Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese Grilled Banana

Vietnamese grilled banana, known as chuoi nep nuong, is one of the most beloved desserts you’ll find on street corners throughout Vietnam. Typically served hot off the grill, this delightful treat can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert.

Vietnamese grilled banana is made by grilling a ripe banana coated in a luscious mixture of sticky rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk. The result is a crispy, caramelized exterior that encases a soft, sweet interior. For an extra burst of flavor and texture, some vendors enhance the coating with sesame seeds or peanuts. 

The Bottom Line

Beyond Vietnam’s renowned main and side dishes, there lies a world of delightful sweet sensations just waiting to be explored! When your dessert time comes, indulge in some of the above famous Vietnamese desserts, and we guarantee you’ll fall in love at first bite.