Below are some day trips from Ho Chi Minh City that Vietnam Adventure wants to introduce to all tourists.

Overview of Ho Chi Minh City’s geographical location

Ho Chi Minh City is a buzzing metropolis in southern Vietnam. Situated along the Saigon River, it’s the largest city in Vietnam and a significant hub of commerce, culture, and history. Its location makes it an ideal starting point for the broader region, offering a variety of fascinating day trips.This will be the places in Ho Chi Minh City that tourists can visit during the day.

Geographical location of Ho Chi Minh City
Geographical location of Ho Chi Minh City

Historical Excursions

Embark on a journey through time and history with our selection of historical excursions in Ho Chi Minh City. Discover the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam with day trips from Ho Chi Minh City that will take you to iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi tunnels are a must-visit for anyone interested in Vietnam’s wartime history. Located about 70 kilometers northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, these tunnels were an intricate network used during the Vietnam War. Imagine crawling through these narrow tunnels, feeling a sense of the hardships soldiers endured.

Cu Chi tunnels are famous historical relics
Cu Chi tunnels are famous historical relics

Insights: Guided tours provide detailed explanations and even allow you to experience maneuvering through a segment of the tunnels. There’s also a chance to see various traps and living quarters, which offer a poignant glimpse into the past.

Personal Tip: Try to visit early in the morning to avoid the crowded mid-day tours. The early light gives the jungle surroundings a serene atmosphere that’s perfect for reflection.

Can Gio Mangrove Forest

If you’re a nature enthusiast, the Can Gio Mangrove Forest is a fantastic escape from urban life. Just a short boat ride from Ho Chi Minh City, this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve offers lush greenery and a chance to see some unique wildlife.

Details: The forest is home to a variety of species including monkeys, birds, and reptiles. You can take a boat tour through the mangroves, visit the Vam Sat Ecological Center, or even explore the bat swamp.

Unexpected Insights: One of the highlights here is the Crocodile Farm, where you can learn about local efforts to preserve and protect these fascinating creatures.

Friendly Advice: Pack some mosquito repellent and wear light, breathable clothing. The forest can be quite humid, especially during the rainy season.

Cao Dai Temple

About 100 kilometers northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, the Cao Dai Temple offers a unique spiritual experience. This colorful temple is the center of Cao Dai religion, which blends elements of Buddhism, Christianity, and Confucianism.

Vibrant Details: The temple itself is a visual feast with its pink, blue, and yellow exterior and vividly decorated interiors. Attending a ceremony here is a humbling experience, as you’ll get to observe the faithful in prayer.

Personal Experience: I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and unity during the mid-day ceremony. The rhythmic chanting and harmonious surroundings were unforgettable.

Pro Tip: Remember to dress modestly out of respect for local customs. It’s also a good idea to check the schedule of the services beforehand to make sure you don’t miss the main ceremony.

Outdoor Adventures

Embark on thrilling Outdoor Adventures with day trips from Ho Chi Minh City to Thanh An Island, Cat Tien National Park and Vung Tau… Explore the beauty of nature and immerse yourself in the wonders of these stunning destinations.

Thanh An Island

Want a quick island getaway from the bustling life of Ho Chi Minh City? Thanh An Island is your perfect destination. Just a short ferry ride away, this small island offers a slice of peaceful rural life. With its welcoming local community and serene surroundings, it’s a lovely escape if you want to experience the simplicity of village life.

Once you are there, take a leisurely bike ride to the island. You find rice paddies, mangroves, and charming houses along the shoreline. It’s a wonderful way to spend a relaxed day, away from the city noise. Don’t forget to visit the local markets for fresh seafood – it’s as fresh as it gets!

Vung Tau

Just a two-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau is a coastal city that provides a refreshing break with its beautiful beaches and mountains. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe, swim, or indulge in some water sports, Vung Tau’s beaches have something for everyone.

Apart from the beaches, make sure to visit the Christ of Vung Tau statue. Standing at 32 meters tall, it offers a panoramic view of the city and the ocean. For those who love a good hike, the path up to the statue is lined with lush greenery and occasional resting spots.

Foodies will be delighted with Vung Tau’s local cuisine. Seafood is abundant, and you must try the local specialty – banh khot (mini savory pancakes). These delicious treats are a must-try and will leave you craving for more.

Cat Tien National Park

For those who love nature and wildlife, Cat Tien National Park is a must-visit. Located about 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City, this park is home to diverse flora and fauna, including several endangered species.

Cat Tien National Park is located in Dong Nai
Cat Tien National Park is located in Dong Nai

Start your adventure with a trek through the jungle. You might spot gibbons swinging from trees or colorful exotic birds. Another highlight is the Crocodile Lake – an excellent spot for birdwatching and capturing some stunning photos.

Cat Tien is also known for its night safari. As darkness falls, the jungle comes alive with the sounds and sights of nocturnal animals. It’s an enchanting experience that’s both thrilling and educational.

Ba Den Mountain

Fondly known as the “Black Virgin Mountain,” Ba Den mountain is the highest peak in southern Vietnam. This majestic mountain is located about 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City and offers both adventure and spiritual experiences.

The trek up Ba Den mountain can be a bit challenging, but it’s rewarding. As you hike, you’ll encounter lush forests, streams, and even some caves. The view from the top? Absolutely worth the effort! You’ll get a 360-degree panorama of the surrounding landscapes.

If hiking isn’t your thing, there’s a cable car that takes you almost to the summit. Once at the top, you can explore the Ba Pagoda, an ancient temple that adds a spiritual touch to your journey.

Tips for visiting

Planning day trips from Ho Chi Minh City can greatly enrich your travel experience. To help you make the most of your excursions, here are some practical tips.

Things to remember when traveling
Things to remember when traveling

Plan ahead but stay flexible

While some forward planning is necessary, especially for popular destinations, having some wiggle room for spontaneity can make your trip more exciting. Local festivals or unexpected recommendations from fellow travelers can often lead to unforgettable experiences.

Start early

Traffic can get congested in and around Ho Chi Minh City. Starting your day trip early helps you avoid rush hour and gives you more time to explore your destination. Plus, the morning light is excellent for photography!

Dress comfortably

Overall comfort can make or break your trip. Lightweight clothing, comfortable shoes, and a hat are essential, especially in Vietnam’s tropical climate.  

Be respectful of local customs

Dress modestly when visiting temples or religious sites, and always show respect for local customs. A polite demeanor will go a long way in ensuring a pleasant experience.

How can book day trips from Ho Chi Minh City?

If you’re visiting Ho Chi Minh City and looking to add some excitement to your itinerary, day trips are a fantastic way to explore more of what this beautiful part of Vietnam has to offer. At Vietnam Adventure, we’ve got you covered with a range of day trips designed to give you a taste of Vietnam’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty. Whether you’re interested in exploring picturesque countrysides, historic sites, or vibrant local markets, there’s something here for everyone.

At Vietnam Adventure, expert guides are all locals who bring a wealth of regional knowledge and personal insights into every tour. Their ability to share stories and historical facts ensures you get an enriching experience that goes beyond the typical tourist path.

Vietnam Adventure knows everyone has different interests, and that’s why we offer a variety of day trips. From cultural explorations in the Mekong Delta to historical visits at the Cu Chi Tunnels, our tours suit different tastes and schedules.


In conclusion, exploring the best day trips from Ho Chi Minh City offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Vietnam. Whether visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels, the Mekong Delta, or the historical sites of Vung Tau, each day trip promises an unforgettable adventure. Let’s explore exciting trips in this amazing country with Vietnam Adventure!