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11 Days / 10 Nights
Ho Chi Minh
Departure Place

Hue tours and excursions prove that there are plenty of things to see and do in this ancient city. As the capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty, Hue boasts magnificent citadels, pagodas, and royal tombs dating back to the 19th century. As a result, there are plenty of sightseeing tours that allow history buffs to learn more about the history of this once majestic town.

Trip Including : English Speaking Guide , Entrance Fees , Accommodation , Motorbike , Gas , Helmet , Rain Poncho , Snorkeling Tour .
Trip Excluding : Personal Expense , Food and Drink , Elephant Ride , Tips .
Price : 75 usd / per day

Summary of Itinerary
Day 1: Sai Gon – Bao Lộc ( 200km)
Day 2: Bao Loc – Da Lat ( 150km )
Day 3: Da Lat – Lak lake ( 190km )
Day 4: Lak lake – Dray Nur (water fall) Ban Me Thuot (150km)
Day 5: Ban Me Thuot – Nha Trang ( 210km )
Day 6: Nha Trang – Amazing Snorkeling
Day 7: Nha Trang – Quy Nhon ( 230km )
Day 8: Quy Nhon – Kon Tum ( 230km )
Day 9: Kon Tum – Kham Duc ( 180km )
Day 10: Kham Duc – Hoi An ( 150 km )
Day 11: Hoi An – Hue ( 150km )

Total Duration 11 days 10 nights
Tour Area Central Highland , Gold Coast
Type Of Tour Guided Package Tour
Accommodation Hotels & Home Stay
kilometers per day 100km – 250km per day
Total kilometers 1840 km

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*The pricing increases 20% during February 7 to February 15, 2024 (during Lunar New Year)

Day 1

Sai Gon - Bao Lộc ( 200km)

Tour guides pick you up from your hotel to start an amazing trip exploring Highland. We start the first great day trip to visit Cu Chi historical tunnels, an immense network of 200km underground tunnels, built in Vietnam war and used by Viet Cong soldiers during the combat. Visit these tunnels, not only do you experrience as a soldier when running inside the tunnels, but also learn more about Vietnam war . especially, you can’t miss experience in shooting with AK47 and M16 gun. Continuing our trip, we will drive along Highway 20 to Bao Loc. On the way, we stop to visit La Nga Lake, a natural freshwater lake. Here, you have chance to learn more about shrimp and fish raising in farms and float houses.
After that, we visit Da Ba Chong, stone blocks are heaped on one another. Enjoying the beautiful view and relax here. Arriving to Ma Da Cui, we sleep in a hotel.
Day 2

Bao Loc - Da Lat ( 150km )

A new day trip will guide you to explore Bao Loc town which is popullar in tea and coffee specialty. We will visist tea plantation and coffee plantation to know more about farmer’s working life and grandious Dambri waterfalls.
In additions, we visit ethnic minority village of Ma peole and K’Ho people to lern more about their cultures and their life. then, we explore Pongour waterfalls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Dat Lat. Here, you can enjoy the great beauty of the waterfalls and forests and relax. Arring to Da Lat, we sleep in a hotel.
Day 3

Da Lat - Lak lake ( 190km )

After breakfast and coffee at hotel, we start our great trip with poetic foggy city- Da Lat,a unique beauty, which is famous for beautiful special architures with combination of Western style and Highland style, built in French colonial period ( 17th century). Throughout our trip, we will stop to visit specific attractions in Da Lat, such as Crazy house (listed in one of the most bizarre houses in the world by People’s daily), weasel coffee, Silk factory, Elaphant waterfall. Then, we continue our trip on Highway 27 ( the main route ) to Lak Lake. On the way, you will ides with bendy long passes, immense green forests filled with scattered hamlets of minority peopbe addicted by attracted nature beauty on the sle, particularly tropical fruit farms. Arriving to Lak Lake, we will spend our great first night with new experience in House on stilts of Mnong people. Plus, we have local specific diner and wine of Mnong people.
Day 4

Lak lake - Dray Nur (water fall) Ban Me Thuot (150km)

After breakfast at restaurant, we continue our second day trip on back of adorable elephants walking along lakes to explore forests view minority villages where you can relax and take great pictures. To continue the trip, professional tour guide leads you drive on a trail across forests and remote village to Dray Nur Waterfalls (the biggest waterfalls in Vietnam). On the way, we will also stop to visit cacao plantation, highland school with cute innocent pupils, minority hamlets.
When we arrive to Dray Nur waterfall, you can feel how imposing Dray Nur is with 250m in length and 30m in height. Take a rest and relax at the waterfall while taking photos and wallowing in cool wild water, which help you to break all your stress and tiredness of the long day.
after that, we will drive back to capital of Vietnam coffee- Buon Me Thuot. On the way, we will visit a amazing traditional craft village. To finish our day, we sleep in Eden hotel.
Day 5

Ban Me Thuot - Nha Trang ( 210km )

To start our last day trip, we continue to explore capital of coffee in Vietnam, Buon Me Thuot. During period of dominating Vietnam, French bring with them coffee, pepper, rubber into Vietnam. And, Buon Me Thuot was chosen to be the first place for their experiment. As a result, many plantations of coffee, rubbers, and pepper was set up and Buon Me Thuot became the capital of Vietnam coffee up to now.
Leaving the land of coffee, we head to beautiful coastal city, Nha Trang, one of world’s most beautiful beach and islands. On the way to Nha Trang, we will visit rubber plantation and tropical fruit farms, such as: avocado, rambutan, durian, passion fruit, (seasonal).
Besides, you have chance to enjoy amazing view of route 27 with immense forests and mountains, especially Phuong Hoang pass (phoenix pass) which ensure bring to you an unforgetable feeling. Before reaching Nha Trang city, we stop to visit ancient Dien Khanh citadel.
Day 6

Nha Trang - Amazing Snorkeling

Talking about Nha Trang, it can’t forget to mention to beautiful islands with variety of colorful coral reefs and marine creature. Therefore, we will take an amazing snorkling tour. The first beautiful island that the boat take us to is Mun island. Mun island is a marine creature reserve with thoundsands of fishes and coral. After snorkling, you can take rest and relax on beds on roof of the boat and continue to go to Mot island ( the second snorkling place). We eat lunch here and back to the mainland. Your snorkling trip has around 15 – 20 people and all fee is included. Arriving to Nha Trang city, tour guide will drive you to explore Nha Trang at night. Then sleep in a nice hotel.
Day 7

Nha Trang - Quy Nhon (230km)

Leaving beautiful Nha Trang city, we continue our trip to Quy Nhon on Highway 1A. our next destination is Dai Lanh beach, a heaven with peaceful beauty without tourists. You will take sun bath and relax here, especially,enjoy amazing fresh sea food. Arriving to costal Quy Nhon, our tour guide drive you to explore the city, then, sleep at a hotel here.
Day 8

Quy Nhon - Kon Tum ( 230km )

After breakfast, we continue our trip on Highway 19 to Kontum. Highway 19 is one of the most beautiful roads in Viet Nam with tortous and bendy pass and wild mountains and forests, which make sure bring you a fantastic feeling. On the road, we will visit Duong Long relic ( an ancient relic of Champa people built from century 12th to century 13th). After that, We wil visit a famous village of Vietnamese traditional martial art, so-called martial arts of Binh Dinh.
Then, we visit a minority village of Ba Na people to know more about their culture and their habits. Driving through Ba Na mountain hamlets make sure you have unforgetable feeling. Arriving to Kontum, we sleep in a hotel.
Day 9

Kon Tum - Kham Duc ( 180km )

Start another new day in our trip after breakfast and coffee at hotel, we will visit a amazing wood church in Kontum, which is the most beautiful building in city built in 1930s and completely made of woods by handicraft methods. After church, we visit an orphan home, where orphan children are being raised and study. Leaving from Kontum, we continue our trip on Ho Chi Minh trail, take a rest at peak of Lo Xo pass- one of the highest pass in Vietnam with over 2000m in height from level sea. From here, you can enjoy whole view of virgin mountains and forests and breathe fresh air. After conquering the highest peak pass in Vietnam, we head to Bo Cap Waterfall (scorpion waterfall). You can relax here before going to Kham Duc hotel.
Day 10

Kham Duc - Hoi An ( 150 km )

We have breakfast and coffee at hotel. Another interesting day in our trip, we are going to explore and experience on the rest of Ho Chi Minh trail. We stop to visit pineapple farms, ethnic villages, and incense- producing village. After that, we will visit one of Cham ancient temples built by Cham people in Champa Kingdom in the past. Arriving to Hoi An , we sleep in a hotel.
Day 11

Hoi An - Hue ( 150km )

Leaving Hoi An ancient city, we continue our trip to Hue dreamlike city (the first capital in Vietnam. We drive along coastal road to Hai Van pass ( one of the most beautiful road of Vietnam. On the way, we visit Non Nuoc pagoda and carvers on their work. Then, we stop at Hai Van pass to enjoy the coolest and freshest air and great view. Also,we stop to take photos of gorgeous Lang Co. Our wonderful trip will be finished when we arrive to Hue.

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Da Lat city
Da Lat city
Da Lat city
Da Lat city
Da Lat city
Da Lat city
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Buon Me Thuot city
Buon Me Thuot city
Buon Me Thuot city
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Nha Trang beach
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